On Issues

On The Issues

The Conservative to Support FairTax.

As our Secretary of State, Brad will be a vocal supporter of eliminating the income tax and replacing it with the FairTax. This change will mean more jobs and new businesses in Georgia.

The Conservative to Take on Trafficking in Georgia.

Georgia has tragically been named the #1 location for sex trafficking in the world, and families are being destroyed by it. As our Secretary of State Brad will aggressively work with law enforcement to close down companies that are a front for illegal sex trafficking or drug trafficking.

The Conservative to Strengthen Voter ID.

Only legal American citizens should be allowed to vote. Brad will continue to protect voter ID laws and require proper identification to vote.

The Conservative to Support Paper Ballot for Verification of Voters.

Too many Georgians question whether their votes are being tabulated correctly or manipulated. As our Secretary of State, Brad will update all voting machines to have a paper ballot verification for ballot security.

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